At Jackson Hands of Change, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of care. We work with children, teens, and adults and believe it is essential to collaborate with families, and local community providers to develop and provide effective mental health prevention services and programs. Our goal is excellence in all facets of care and we use compassion and respect as our guide.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the behavioral health outpatient treatment center of choice by providing services that will allow our clients to become functional and independent across all aspects of life including home, school, work, and community. Jackson Hands of Change is committed to promote and improve the mental well-being of our community.

Our Priorities

· Ensure the safety, quality and effectiveness of services resulting in positive client outcomes.

· Ensure the future financial viability of services.

· Recruit and retain culturally competent and professional clinical staff.

Goal 1 - Demonstrate improved client outcomes, well-being/functioning as indicated in treatment plans.

  • Objective 1 – 100% of staff are highly trained, competitively compensated and have the resources necessary to be successful in their job duties.

  • Objective 2 – 80% of clients will report experiencing improved outcomes.

  • Objective 3 – The agency will obtain national accreditation.

  • Objective 4 – Through the provision of services, 80% of clients will report experiencing improved level of functioning.

Goal 2 - Ensure future financial viability of the agency.

  • Objective 1 – Secure at least 1 additional funding source by 2020.

  • Objective 2 – Ensure billing accuracy on a quarterly basis.

  • Objective 3 – Explore additional service programs.

  • Objective 4 – Eliminate Financial Threats.

Goal 3 - Jackson Hands of Change Will Improve its Business Monitors

  • Objective 1 – The CEO will recruit quality personnel who meet the requirements for the provision of enhanced services.

Goal 4 - Jackson Hands of Change Will Identify Service Need Areas and expand services for those program services

  • Objective 1 – The CEO Will Identify Service Need Areas prior to expansion of program services

  • Objective 2 – The CEO Will Conduct analysis of services that are highly intensive and are less likely to be cut or revised in dramatic ways by the state.

  • Objective 3 – Analyze the demographics of the Service Area annually

  • Objective 4 – Maintain Relationships with External Stakeholders

  • Objective 5 – Analyze the Regulatory and Legislative Environment

Goal 5 - Jackson Hands of Change Will Increase the Use of Technology

  • Objective 1 – Jackson Hands of Change will incorporate the use of technology to support efficient operations of the program and improve the quality of our service delivery.

  • Objective 2 – Develop an agency website.

Outcomes for goals will be provided annually

It is a great honor to present the Jackson Hands of Change strategic plan to our employees, clients, stakeholders, and CARF. This plan represents the collective thinking of Jackson Hands of Change’s Management Team and input from our staff, clients, and stakeholder (satisfaction and outcome surveys and quarterly Management Team Meetings), and is designed to carry us through the next three fiscal years, which ends in 2020. Employees, Clients, and Stakeholders will have the ability to review this annually at the Annual Forum. In this plan, the organization has identified three strategies that form the foundation for Jackson Hands of Change’s work:

  • Grow and expand Jackson Hands of Change;

  • Manage Jackson Hands of Change core programs with fiscal responsibility to ensure efficiency, impact, and sustainability; and

  • Expand to meet future mental health care needs

The strategic direction and goals included in this plan are our response to understanding what client’s, employees, and stakeholders value most about the organization, and current opportunities and challenges for offering a high quality system of support in the community for people with disabilities. The 3 year period of this strategic plan will be a time of assessing and deepening our approaches to our work. Concurrently, we will take more of a leadership role in working with a broader array of community resources. With a fresh perspective on the mission, understanding what works well, and the environment in which the organization operates, Jackson Hands of Change will pursue the following strategic direction:

  • ensure that services are working effectively.

  • assess client and community needs to identify gaps or needed shifts in service delivery.

  • take a leadership role to identify and meet the needs of children and adults with co-occurring disorders.

  • explore the feasibility of expanding the organization’s visibility in the community.

  • building its discretionary financial resources to invest in providing quality services.